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ICJHF Committees

Annual Meeting Committee: Lee Cunningham, Morgan Jerry, Kim Richardson

Budget Committee:

By Laws Committee:

Membership Committee: Lee Cunningham, Naga Donti, Morgan Jerry, Carol Kennedy, Kim Richardson, Martha Shepard, Jenny Ward

Message Board Oversight:

Message Board Moderators: Russ Beyer, Zoe Ann Seymour

Nominations and Election Committee: Tracy Vance, Chair

Website Committee:

Vendor Committee:

All full members are invited to participate on any ICJHF committee. Find out more information and get involved!

NFA Committees

As established in the 2010 NFA, the Compliance Committee is comprised of two franchise association representatives and not more than four representatives selected by JHI. All other NFA Committees include not more than three franchise association representatives and between four and six representatives selected by JHI.

Compliance: Tracy Vance

Marketing: Morgan Jerry

Financial Products: Kim Bledsoe, Jeff Davidson

Technology Standards: Lee Cunningham

Operating Standards: Debbie Jones, Jenny Ward

If you have any questions regarding NFA Committees, please contact us.

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