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ICJHF President letter September 2014

September 9, 2014

Fellow business associates,

I'm excited about the opportunity to help make the necessary changes to the Jackson Hewitt system in order for us to prepare more tax returns and maximize our profitability next year.  I believe one key is that we all recognize the need for change. Currently at JH, change is all around. We have a new CEO.  Dave Prokupek is a refreshing new face who can take an unfiltered look at us and our industry and can help provide the necessary changes and business acumen to turn us around.

Our association is changing. Carl Kelley leaves his position as ICJHF president after a long and successful tenure but continues to serve on our board. He has donated countless hours and worked tirelessly to help all franchisees make more money.  Thanks Carl for all you do for us!

During the last few months our board has met regularly to discuss and resolve any challenges created by proposed improvements from JHI. The company has solicited many franchisees thoughts and help to get to the bottom of what ails us.

As part of our path to success our board strongly recommends that you attend the Jackson Hewitt annual convention this year. Our convention committee together with JHI has worked hard to make sure it is filled with relevant information to provide value to your business with a little fun and Texas hospitality in the process!

We have also looked at ourselves and our organization to find ways to make us better and allow us to work with more franchisees. After listening to current and past full members, we know we have to communicate with you better, present our issues to JHI more often and be more representative of the majority of our membership.

To that end, we announce today a significant reduction in our full membership cost. Dues that were $88 per territory with a maximum of $704 are now $40 per territory with a cap of $320.  A savings of over 50%!   This special rate will end on October 1, the last day of convention. Please contact our ICJHF administrative assistant, Zoe Ann Seymour, at 866-763-1010 or email her at  to join. You can also go to the ICHJF website and login on the homepage, then select the “Renew” tab. Current full members who have paid dues this year will have their membership extended an additional year.  We are doing this to help reduce the financial stress we've all experienced and to strengthen our voice at JH. It is our hope that every franchisee can experience the benefits of full membership and help create a culture of continuous improvement at Jackson Hewitt.

We appreciate your valuable time spent hearing from us and don't hesitate to let us hear from you. One thing that hasn't changed is our mission statement: Members Helping Members!


George Alberici




    PO Box 1021  |  Schererville, IN 46375  |  866-763-1010