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ICJHF President Kim Bledsoe Letter, June 2016

ICJHF President Kim Bledsoe Letter, June 2016

June 2016

Dear Fellow Franchisees,

I am honored to have been selected to serve as ICJHF president for the next two years. Some of you have congratulated me and some have sent their condolences. I will decide over the next few months on how to reply.

I believe, as JHI franchisees, we are facing the most serious time for our businesses, since I became a franchisee almost 18 years ago.  Our bottom lines are shrinking due to revenue loss, to JHI shifting costs to franchisees, to increased staffing costs and to the general increase of costs to be in business. There are many concerns about our owner and their short and long range plans.  There are concerns over cuts to JHI management, profiler updates, technology in general, bank products, Wal-Mart and various other issues.  Periodically, the ICJHF board will host conference calls with full members to get your feedback how best to deal with these issues.

I have been on the ICJHF board for the last two years and I want to assure you that we as a board have engaged JHI leadership for change when they were planning or taking action that would adversely affect the franchise community. In many cases, we did get favorable improvements or ended the action completely. Association members often times are not aware of what we do because they see only the final results. The board works hard to facilitate change and we are currently working with JHI on an array of matters, including challenging them on how our incentive payments from the NFA are calculated. This matter involves a great deal of money that the board believes is due the franchisees. We plan to have an ICJHF member conference call in July to talk about this issue and how the membership would like us to proceed. More details about the call will be coming soon.

We need this Association and we need your support! We are strong for change and will get more favorable treatment from JHI when we are large and unified and speak with a clear voice. I was in a meeting recently where all the Franchisees were unified and it was amazing what we accomplished and how we were able, in a collaborative way, to change the path JHI was on which did not favor franchisees.

We need your support and one way you can do that is with your Full Membership status. This year we will be discussing these issues and more at the ICJHF Annual Meeting. If you haven’t renewed your membership, renew today!  If you are an Associate Member, get in the game and become a Full Member and participate on the upcoming conference calls. As a Full Member you are eligible to attend the ICJHF Annual Meeting for FREE!  If you want access to the JHI Trade Show and JHI breakouts and food, you will need to register for the JHI convention.  You don’t want to miss this ICJHF Annual Meeting, become a Full Member today and show your support!


Kim Bledsoe

ICJHF President



    PO Box 1021  |  Schererville, IN 46375  |  866-763-1010