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What is the ICJHF?

As of October 2008, the Independent Council of Jackson Hewitt Franchisees is the sole representative body of the Jackson Hewitt franchise owners. The ICJHF operates as a non-profit with revenues from annual membership dues. Leadership is regionally elected and membership encompasses all Jackson Hewitt franchisees. As the independent voice of the franchisees, the Association can address issues that affect franchisees separately from the interests of the franchisor. The ICJHF Board of Directors meets face-to-face with JHI several times throughout the year as well as on conference calls.

What is the ICJHF Region Map


As set forth in Section 4.3 of the By-Laws for the purpose of representation on the Board of Directors.

The Board may revisit the alignment of the Regions any time the Franchisor changes the alignment of its regions or once every two (2) years, whichever is sooner, but in each case must strive to maintain approximate parity in the number of franchisee entities, and it may not unseat an incumbent Regional Director in the process.

What is the difference between Full and Associate Membership?

All Jackson Hewitt franchisees are Associate (non-dues-paying) Members by default according to the ICJHF By Laws. Franchisees who wish to support or get involved in the Association apply annually for Full Membership and pay dues ($88/territory, max 8 territories). Today we are offering a price special of $40/territory, max 8 territories.

What is the benefit of Full Membership?

We strive to align all benefits with our ultimate goal of enhancing franchisee profitability and asset value. As a Full Member, you will have access to the ideas and wisdom of hundreds of fellow franchisees, the exchange of good ideas, the review of best practices, and the critique of problem areas handled on our Message Board. You will have contact information for your fellow Full Member franchisees across the country, from which you can gain support and advice. Full members receive a discount on Annual Meeting registration as well as an invitation to (periodical) regional meetings across the country and topical webinars every other month. All ICJHF communication, including meeting records, requests for input and suggestions, reminders, announcements and much more are emailed to Full Members throughout the year. As a Full Member, you also qualify to serve on the Board of Directors, Committees or Focus Groups.

Most importantly, Full Members are able to vote in all ICJHF matters with the benefit of a weighted voting system tied to the number of territories owned. This means, at the very least, Full Member ballots are worth two votes. Full Members owning more than ten territories receive the maximum number of votes per ballot, five.

Who is on the Board of Directors?


Tom McNamara, President
Northeast Region/ Small
PO Box 1314, Williamsport PA 17703

Jeff Davidson, Vice President
South Region/ Large
PO Box  320987, Flowood MS 39232-0987

Carol Kennedy, Treasurer
PO Box 81, Georgetown TX 78627

Steve Wions, Secretary
Mid-Atlantic Region/ Small
PO Box 1501, Owings Mills MD 21117


Tom Babbitt
South Region/ Small
128 Gause Blvd West, Slidell LA 70460 

Lee Cunningham
West Region/ Small
8020 N. 19th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85021

Morgan Jerry
Central Region/ Small
PO Box 741, Emory TX 75440

Debbie Jones
Midwest Region/ Large
PO Box 486 1975 Brandenburg Rd., Brandenburg KY 40108

Todd Kirchenberg
Midwest Region/ Small
4824 W Forest Home Ave, Milwaukee WI 53219

Joe O'Rourke
Northeast Region/ Large
3022 Banksville Rd, Pittsburgh PA 15216

Jason Welnel
West Region/ Large
1732 North Montana Ave, Helena MT 59601

What are the qualifications and election process for the Board of Directors?

The ICJHF Board consists of 15 volunteer Director Members, two from each of the six ICJHF regions, plus three at-large Directors.  In each region has one large-operator Representative, having processed more than 6,000 returns in the most recent tax season and one small-operator Representative, having processed less than 6,000 returns in the most recent tax season.

Directors must be Full (dues-paying) Members in good standing. 

Board Members attend regular and special meetings as well as serving on and heading ICJHF Committees.  They also serve on JH Focus Groups and NFA Committees.

Regular meetings are held via conference call every two weeks.  Special meetings are held via conference call as needed and face-to-face meetings are held twice per year (usually spring and fall) at a location agreed upon by the Board.  Face-to-face meetings last approximately two days and usually include face time with JHI.

Special Committee and Focus Group meetings are held via conference call as needed.

A slate of candidates is created the ICJHF Nomination & Election Committee.  This process starts every year in November and is usually complete by the end of February.  Full members who wish to serve on the Board of Directors may make their interest known to a current Director or to the Administrative Director.  Independent nominations may also be submitted in accordance to the By-Laws.

Members from each region only elect Directors for their region.  The election is held every year in March.  Immediately following the election of Regional Directors, the Board elects At-Large Directors.

All Regional Directors serve three-year terms.  Terms are staggered so that five Directors are elected each year.  At-Large Directors serve one, two or three-year terms, determined by the Board of Directors.

More details regarding the Board of Directors are available in the By-Laws.

How does the Board of Directors work with JHI to positively influence the franchise community?

Regionally elected Directors share dialog with constituents throughout the year and relay these questions and concerns to the ICJHF Board, Focus Groups and JHI. The Board maintains an “Action Items” list, which is revisited every two weeks and addressed at face-to-face meetings with JHI.

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We are all continually in the process of discovering what it takes to operate successfully. The ICJHF offers the key factor in successful growth: shared knowledge. We unite our shared experiences to equip ourselves with the best possible tools for a profitable Jackson Hewitt business.

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